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We're Positive Influence Agency Yorkshire.


With a lot of negativity and false positives pushed through social media, influencing can sometimes have a dark cloud casting over the goodness it brings.

The Positive Influence Agency is here to lead the way in Influencer Marketing and Social Media Support.

Our aim is to create a strong community of Influencers in Yorkshire.

It's about community not competition.

We offer an Influencer Membership where Yorkshire Influencers of any size can harness their potential and meet likeminded people.

We work closely with Yorkshire Businesses  to help them get the most out of their Influencer Marketing Campaigns, from gifted opportunities to paid campaigns.

Meet Our Director


Chelsea is Managing Director of PIA Yorkshire. With a background in Sales & Events in the Hospitality sector, Chelsea has worked closely with Yorkshire Influencers over the years to help her promote the venues she has been responsible for.

As her experience grew she began to see a gap in the market. An opportunity for a business that focuses on facilitating influencer marketing for other businesses, offering hands on support and guidance in the process.

Not only does she understand the value of influencer marketing but her career experiences help her to see both sides of the coin, increasing value for businesses who want to grow through influencer marketing.

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